Thomas Piketty. Capital and Ideology

by Thomas Piketty

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Thomas Piketty prophet of inequality?

For Piketty, the solution to the increase in inequalities that has occurred over the last thirty years is closely linked to a redistribution of income to be achieved through welfare and a highly progressive tax regime, even at the cost of seriously questioning bourgeois property rights.

Today’s turbocapitalism, given the irreversible crisis in which social democratic parties now find themselves, will only be possible through “participatory socialism”, which allows everyone to enjoy “the universal right to education and capital endowment, the free movement of persons and the virtual de facto abolition of borders“.

All right, all shareable, Piketty’s arguments are absolutely convincing but… are knowledge, the countless studies that highlight the growing inequalities, enough to awaken people’s awareness? A man named Machiavelli wrote some time ago “di qui nacque che tutti e’ profeti armati vinsono e li disarmati ruinorno”. Wikileaks and Julian Assange teach.


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